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Having the right insurance means that you, your family and your property have the right protection and security from personal and economic loss. AS Insurance professionals understand both your needs and the products and approaches that will provide you with the broadest protection at an affordable price.

An Easy Solution

No matter what your situation is, you've got something that needs to be insured. Most of us spend a lot of time making sure we're prepared in case something does happen, but you can't be prepared for everything. When the unexpected happens you need to be prepared, and solid insurance, whether for your car, your home, your life or for all of your personal and business needs, is the simplest solution. Having the right insurance policies allows you to move forward with confidence knowing that you and your family are protected. Whether that means helping you get situated after something happens to your home or making sure you have a vehicle to get around, it's a huge help in trying times.

Comprehensive Coverage

While home and auto policies may be among the most popular, they're far from the only types of insurance available. We offer a wide array of insurance policies that can help you cover vehicles and other personal belongings, your home and more. We represent over 30 insurance companies, meaning we can deliver a custom solution to fit your needs at a price that you can afford. The best part is, you can talk directly with an insurance agent about your situation and your needs to design a coverage strategy tailored for you. An agent can help you figure out what types of coverage you need, how much coverage you need and the best pricing to get that coverage. With a little work, you can cover just about everything in your life.

Security is important in life, and having insurance provides security in numerous ways. At AS Insurance, we can help you get all the coverage you need to make sure you and your family are protected. Get a free quote online or call an agent today to find out more.

AS Insurance specializes in new American and all American communities throughout New Hampshire, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Tennessee. We can serve your needs and clients in many other states as well.


While our offices are in New Hampshire, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Tennessee, we can serve clients in multiple other states as well.