Workers Compensation

If you are a business owner and you need to obtain workers comp insurance, make sure you get it from AS Insurance Agency. There are many compelling reasons why you can't run a business without it. They should be all the motivation you need to shop for a policy that works for your business.

Why Have Workers Comp Insurance?

The most important reason why you need workers comp insurance is that many state’s laws requires it. Your company may not be able to legally hire an employee without it. This applies even if they are a relative, or simply a part-time employee. However, there are some exceptions to the legal need for this type of insurance. Those exceptions, for example, may include corporations that employ fewer than three officers and LLCs that employ fewer than three people. A company that is legally required to have workers comp insurance and fails to get it may be forced to pay fines. A penalty is applied for every day that you are in business but do not have the proper insurance coverage. It is important to have an insurance agent who understands the requirements of your state and can provide you with the insurance you need.

In many states, you have the option of paying workers comp claims out of your business's budget. This avoids having to take a policy out. However, in order to do so, you would have to prove to the state that your company has a surety bond or other means of paying out the claims. Even then, you are still required to obtain insurance coverage that applies if a claim goes over your maximum limit.

Failure to comply with workers' comp laws may mean the state prevents your company from operating. Following the regulations is the only way you can legally run your company.

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