Do I need to have motorcycle insurance?

As a new auto owner in Manchester, NH, you might always be conflicted about whether you need to have motorcycle insurance. You may not be willing to have this policy because it has some financial implications on your income. However, AS Insurance Agency indicates that, despite motorcycle insurance not being a state requirement, it is necessary because it will help you in the following ways. 

Covering General Vehicle Repairs

If your motorcycle breaks down, covering repair expenses can sometimes be very costly, which means you have to dig deep to get some replacement parts and auto shop services. However, with motorcycle insurance, all the repairs can easily be covered without paying a single dollar, which is a clear indication of why this coverage is something you should endeavor to have. 

Covering Bodily Injuries

Accidents are likely to happen at any given time regardless of your driving skills or driving experience. If your motorcycle is involved in an accident that leads to bodily injuries, you will easily struggle to cater for out-of-pocket medical expenses, income replacement expenses, and the associated legal fees. However, you will be watching everything at a distance as your insurance provider handles everything with insurance. 

Covering Possible Property Damages

Another important area that your motorcycle insurance will help is covering the possible property damages that you will experience when involved in an accident. You can easily damage other vehicles while on the road or be involved in destroying other structures. Auto insurance covers all the property damages and therefore helps you avoid out-of-pocket expenses, some of which might be too high to meet.

Do You Need Motor Vehicle Insurance?

Motorcycle insurance is not a legal requirement by the state government in Manchester, NH. However, as you can tell, it’s necessary to have it. You cannot move around without an insurance cover to cater to the factors discussed above. AS Insurance Agency is ready to help you get a new insurance policy for your motorcycle.