What Does Condo Insurance Cover in New Hampshire?

Owning a condo can be a great housing option if you are in the Manchester, NH area. When you are looking to buy a condo, you need to get the right insurance for it too. A quality insurance plan in this area of New Hampshire offers various forms of coverage and support that can make it a great investment. 

Why Condo Insurance?


One of the forms of coverage that you will receive with a condo plan is protection for your dwelling. Your condo is a major asset that you will want to ensure is protected. If you have condo coverage, it will provide support if you incur losses due to a fire, vandalism, or other situation that requires repairs or replacement. 

Personal Assets

You also can receive coverage for any personal assets that you keep in the condo. Your personal assets can include furniture, kitchenware, electronics, and other items. Having coverage will ensure you have support to replace these assets if you incur a loss. If you have valuables, such as jewelry or expensive art, you can get additional riders to your policy. 

Liability Coverage

With a condo plan, you will also get liability insurance. If there is an accident in your condo, you could be held liable for damages. Fortunately, you are able to mitigate this risk if you invest in a condo insurance plan. This insurance will provide liability support, which is helpful in some difficult situations. 

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If you are in the Manchester, NH area, it would be a good idea to get condo insurance. When you are looking for this coverage, you can call the team with the AS Insurance Agency. The AS Insurance Agency will evaluate your options and requirements to help you build an ideal policy that will give you the coverage you want. 

How Does Condo Insurance Differ From Home Insurance?

If you have purchased a condo, or you are planning on purchasing a condo, you may be looking into purchasing home insurance for that condo. You will quickly find that home insurance for condos does not exist, and instead, you will need to purchase condo insurance, an insurance product specifically designed for condo owners. Here at AS Insurance Agency, serving the greater Manchester, NH region, we are often asked what the difference between home insurance and condo insurance is. 

Differences Between Condo Insurance and Home Insurance

The biggest difference between home insurance and condo insurance is the exterior of the building. When you own a home, you are responsible for all of the building, including the exterior of the home. This is not the case with a condo. When you buy a condo, you only need to insure the space in your unit. As such, things like the exterior of the condo building, roof, and common areas are not included in condo insurance, whereas they are included with home insurance. 

Similarities Between Condo Insurance and Home Insurance  

Aside from the exterior of the building, home insurance, and condo insurance are very common. Your belongings are insured under both policies, damage caused by unexpected events is covered under both policies, and lenders require you to purchase the right policy type if you have a loan out for the property. 

If you are in the process of buying a condo or have recently closed on a condo, you may be looking to purchase condo insurance. Here at AS Insurance Agency in Manchester, NH, we can help you get the insurance you need. Reach out to us today to obtain an estimate for condo insurance or to purchase a new policy. 

Important Details Regarding Condo Insurance Policies

AS Insurance Agency is an independent agency. We help Manchester, NH residents find the coverage they need to protect their assets. We offer flexible policies so that our clients are covered in any situation. Working with multiple carriers in the region allows us to adapt to the daily challenges that people face on a regular basis. Providing excellent customer service is a priority.

Important Details Regarding Condo Insurance Policies

If you are staying in a Manchester, NH condo, look over your policy carefully. Condo insurance generally any damage to your personal items. You are also covered if your possessions are vandalized or stolen. It’s recommended that you take inventory once you move into the condo. This can help the process run smoothly if something happens to your possessions. If you have any luxury items inside the condo, you’ll need to amend your policy in order to fully cover those items if something happens to them.

You aren’t responsible for the exterior of the unit; however, condo insurance will protect you if any interior damage happens to the unit.  The policy covers any damage to the walls or flooring. If you plan to make any upgrades to the unit, be sure to amend your policy similarly to your luxury possessions. Liability coverage is a significant part of your policy as well. Perhaps you plan to invite some friends and family over to your condo for a fun party. Liability coverage protects you if one of your guests gets injured at the party. You’re also covered if you accidentally damage your neighbor’s unit. Perhaps you’re having a plumbing issue that leaks over into your neighbor’s unit or an accidental fire spreads.

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What You Need to Know About Condo Insurance

Unlike the standard homeowners’ insurance that offers straightforward terms, getting a condo policy will require you to consider what your Master Policy covers in addition to your unit cover. This can cause difficulties for Manchester, NH residents, resulting in numerous policy seekers abandoning their condo coverage altogether. Below, AS Insurance Agency helps you break down what a condo policy is all about.

Your Condo Insurance Is Different From Your Master’s Policy

Your condominium’s Master Policy is designed to protect the exterior of your condo and not the interior. This means that it will cover areas such as the lobby, exterior walls, swimming pools, and amenities such as the gym. To protect items inside your unit, you will be required to get your condo policy. An individual condo cover will ensure that assets such as clothing and fixtures are protected when covered perils occur in your unit.

Condo Insurance Comes With Multiple Policies

Condo insurance is composed of various types of covers, with an example of this being liability coverage. This pays for legal expenses, medical bills, and property damage when someone is injured inside your condo or their property gets destroyed. Others such as content coverage will protect your personal belongings from risks such as theft and fires, while building property coverage protects interiors such as walls, cabinets, and fixtures from damage. With these differences in mind, make it a point to understand each coverage type to ensure you pick the suitable option for your needs.

Condo Insurance Has Its Exclusions

While condo policies cover significant damage to your condo, it also has its limits. Damages arising from flooding and mold damage will often not be covered along with intentional acts of harm to 3rd parties. Before signing up for your policy, the research covered perils in your condo insurance to help you stay informed of what to expect when emergencies arise.

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Why should I get condo insurance in Manchester?

Owning a property in Manchester, NH has been a great idea and investment for a long time. Those that would like to purchase a home here will have plenty of options. One option to consider is to purchase a condo, which offers a variety of advantages compared to other forms of homes. If you would like to buy a condo here, you also need to get insurance for it. There are a few reasons that you should get a condo insurance plan.

Insurance is Required

A common reason that people here need condo insurance is that it is normally required. If you buy a condo, you will have to meet the condo insurance standards set by mortgage lenders and condo associations. If you do not maintain this coverage, you could be penalized while also not properly protected.

Insurance is Needed to Protect Owners

You will also need to get condo insurance as it can protect the owners of the condo. When you get condo insurance, it will offer you protection for the dwelling and your personal assets. Additionally, a full policy will include a liability provision that could be helpful in many situations. Ultimately, this protection is valuable and will give peace of mind. 

For those who would like to get a condo or new insurance plan in the Manchester, NH area, calling the AS Insurance Agency team is a good option. Anyone that inquires about a condo insurance plan may find that there are a lot of options and decisions to make. Fortunately, this can be made much easier if you speak with AS Insurance Agency. The team here can answer any of your questions and ensure you stay properly covered.