How Does Condo Insurance Differ From Home Insurance?

If you have purchased a condo, or you are planning on purchasing a condo, you may be looking into purchasing home insurance for that condo. You will quickly find that home insurance for condos does not exist, and instead, you will need to purchase condo insurance, an insurance product specifically designed for condo owners. Here at AS Insurance Agency, serving the greater Manchester, NH region, we are often asked what the difference between home insurance and condo insurance is. 

Differences Between Condo Insurance and Home Insurance

The biggest difference between home insurance and condo insurance is the exterior of the building. When you own a home, you are responsible for all of the building, including the exterior of the home. This is not the case with a condo. When you buy a condo, you only need to insure the space in your unit. As such, things like the exterior of the condo building, roof, and common areas are not included in condo insurance, whereas they are included with home insurance. 

Similarities Between Condo Insurance and Home Insurance  

Aside from the exterior of the building, home insurance, and condo insurance are very common. Your belongings are insured under both policies, damage caused by unexpected events is covered under both policies, and lenders require you to purchase the right policy type if you have a loan out for the property. 

If you are in the process of buying a condo or have recently closed on a condo, you may be looking to purchase condo insurance. Here at AS Insurance Agency in Manchester, NH, we can help you get the insurance you need. Reach out to us today to obtain an estimate for condo insurance or to purchase a new policy.