How to care for your motorcycle, and yourself

Motorcycles are amazing machines that can provide a great sense of freedom while riding. However, they also require some basic maintenance to keep them running properly. AS Insurance Agency, serving the Manchester, NH area bikers with their motorcycle insurance coverage, is here to help. 

Here are some tips on how to care for your motorcycle before and after every ride:

1. The first step is to clean your motorcycle before and after every ride. This will help keep it looking nice and running smoothly, while also reducing the risk of rust and other damage to the paint or components.

2. Besides regular cleaning, it’s important to check fluid levels and tire pressure before every ride. This will ensure that your bike is ready for any bumps or turns on the road, helping you stay safe as you ride.

3. When riding your motorcycle, it’s crucial to always wear a helmet for protection in case of an accident or emergency situation. In addition to protecting yourself from injury, wearing a helmet can also reduce the risk of being ticketed by law enforcement for not following safety regulations.

4. In order to stay safe when riding your motorcycle, it’s also important to wear appropriate clothing that provides protection from the weather and other hazards on the road. This might include things like leather jackets, thick gloves, or thick pants and boots.

5. Finally, it is essential to obey all traffic laws when riding your motorcycle to avoid accidents with other vehicles or pedestrians on the road. This includes following speed limits, using turn signals when making turns, and always stopping at stop signs and red lights.

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