What Fresh Grads Should Know About Workers Comp Insurance

Embarking on your career is an exciting adventure, but you’ll have a lot of responsibility on your plate. Those responsibilities won’t end when you check out of work either. You’ll likely have bills to pay, such as rent, health insurance premiums, and more. New grads should check to see if their employer offers workers comp insurance, and they should also check for plans from insurance providers. Contact AS Insurance Agency, serving Manchester, NH and beyond, to learn more about workers comp policies.

Workers comp policies will often provide payments to make up for lost income if you are out of work. Of course, you should read every policy closely to see what is and is not covered.

The Benefits of Workers Comp for New Graduates

Unfortunately, many things could derail your career. This is as true for fresh graduates as it is for experienced hands. You might suffer a slip and fall at work that leaves you recovering in bed for weeks on end. You may need to undergo surgeries, which in turn typically have recovery times that keep you from work. Sadly, some people will contract serious diseases, like cancer, that will require ongoing treatment and that may keep them from working.

In these cases, workers’ comp may help families and individuals make up for lost income. It’s important to read every workers’ comp plan to see what is and is not covered. However, you can find plans that will provide coverage for income lost due to workplace injuries and serious natural diseases like cancer.

The workers’ compensation policies offered by employers typically focus on injuries and conditions contracted at work. Workers comp policies offered by third parties, meanwhile, can often be used to mitigate injuries and diseases contracted outside of work.

Which policies are right for you?

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What Coverage Does Worker’s Compensation Insurance Need To Have?

Worker’s compensation insurance is an insurance policy that protects an employer’s liability for injuries and accidents that happen to the employees in the workplace. Employers need to have worker’s compensation coverage to protect themselves from accidents that occur in the workplace.

The type of accidents covered by worker’s compensation insurance includes injuries that happen during the ordinary course of employment. It is essential to have this coverage in place, not only for the security of your business assets but because it is required by New Hampshire law.

Business owners in Manchester, NH must have worker’s compensation for full and part-time employees AS Insurance Agency has the details on what coverage is mandatory below.

Worker’s Compensation Required Coverage

A valid worker’s compensation policy will cover any employee whose injury occurs in the course and scope of their employment and results in medical bills or lost wages. Insurance will cover the total cost of medical bills. It will also cover 60% of the employee’s lost wages.

Workers Who Are Covered

All employees are covered, regardless of who is at fault. This includes documented or not full-time, part-time, temporary, and immigrant workers.

Exemptions From The Worker’s Comp Law

Sole Proprietors or self-employed people are not mandated to have worker’s comp but are allowed to elect to have it. Those who work under a General Contractor may be required to have it per the GC’s will.

Limited Liability Companies (LLC) do not need worker’s comp if there are less than three executive positions with no other employees. This also applies to corporations and Professional Associations.

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4 Benefits of Workers’ Comp Insurance

If you are a business owner who leads a team of employees, it’s your mandate to guarantee their safety and security while in their working environments. While devising safety precautions in the workplace is pivotal in abating work-related injuries, the other way of assuring employee safety is by obtaining workers’ comp insurance coverage. But wait, what’s workers’ comp insurance, and why would you need it? Well, let’s find out.  

Workers’ comp insurance refers to insurance coverage meant to promote your employees’ safety and well-being at their places of work. It’s intended to save you from facing a lawsuit or incurring financial losses if anything happens to your employees at their workspaces. 

AS Insurance Agency in Manchester, NH recommends you to obtain workers’ comp insurance if you want to enjoy benefits such as:

Liability costs coverage

While executing their duties, workers can encounter accidents and sustain injuries. Since such an occurrence involves your business, it would be your responsibility to meet their treatment costs. 

Depending on the injuries sustained, the treatment costs can be high, but you won’t carry the burden when you have workers’ comp insurance. 

Protects your employees

If your employees suffer from work-related illness or injuries and require treatment, your workers’ comp insurance covers their medical costs. Besides, this coverage pays for your employees’ partial loss of income and funeral expenses.  

Upholding business reputation

With a worker’s comp insurance policy, people will view your business as a safe and secure environment to work in. Consequently, it will be easier to convince competent employees to join your business.

Protecting business finances

Once your business complies with employees’ comp insurance coverage, it will avoid incurring employees’ medical costs and non-compliance fines when mischance occurs. 

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