Who needs to have a flood insurance plan?

Owning a home in the Manchester, NH area has continued to be a great form of housing and investment. If you do purchase a home in this part of New Hampshire, having the right insurance for it should always be a top priority. One type of coverage that people here will need to consider getting is flood insurance.

There are situations when a property owner will need this additional coverage:

When Trying to Protect Investments and Assets

One situation when you will want to have a flood plan is when you are looking to protect your investment and assets. If you own a home, it will take a lot of money to purchase and maintain. If your home is affected by a flood, the cost to remediate this can be significant. Since your base property insurance may not provide any flood coverage, having an additional flood plan could be a necessity to ensure support. 

Insurance is Required

There are other situations when you may be required to carry flood insurance. If your home is located in a designated flood zone, a mortgage lender will require extra insurance to ensure their collateral is protected. When you have a flood insurance plan, it will ensure that you have this coverage and are in good standing with lender insurance requirements. 

Get The Right Coverage Today

When you are going to purchase a home in the Manchester, NH area, you will want to know that you are getting the right insurance for it. If you are evaluating your flood insurance needs, calling the AS Insurance Agency can be a great option. The insurance professionals with AS Insurance Agency will fully understand this complex type of coverage and they will offer the support you need to determine if it is right for your situation.