Taking the Road Less Traveled Requires This Motorcycle Insurance

Manchester, NH, offers 1,200 miles of opportunities to take the road less traveled. Off-road motorcycle trails include Haystack, Farnum, Wild River Roads, and Jericho Mountain. 

AS Insurance Agency wants you to enjoy your NH riding adventures. However, we don’t recommend navigating the most extensive northeast interconnected trail system without insurance. The coverage you need differs from when driving an automobile. 

Motorcycle Driving Risks

Historically, the government has warned of the heightened risk of motorcycle driving. Fatalities may occur at least 20 times more on a motorcycle than in a car. 

It’s no secret that your vulnerability to the open air and nearby traffic puts you in increased danger. When riding a motorcycle, it’s best to have the highest level of personal injury coverage you can afford. 

Car Versus Motorcycle Coverage

Car drivers may not need as much coverage as when riding a motorcycle. It’s assumed that at least some of a passenger’s medical expenses are included. For a motorcycle, it’s not so clear. 

Now, some people think of motorcycles as a “joyriding” toy. They often have a passenger in the back. However, insurance agents typically classify a motorcycle as a one-person vehicle. 

Expect to pay higher premiums if you frequently have passengers on your bike. You may also need to add extended personal injury coverage to your policy. 

Insurance Alone Won’t Save You

Insurance only protects your finances. It alone won’t save you from injury or death. The AS Insurance Agency serving Manchester, NH encourages you to stay safe. 

The New Hampshire Division of Motor Vehicles provides a motorcycle training program. It’s open to both new and experienced riders. 

Gloves, hats, goggles, jackets, and other protective equipment will also prevent damage. Inspect your ATV or motorcycle regularly, and don’t procrastinate on needed repairs. 

We hope you have fun and never get injured. AS Insurance agents are here for you if you experience unexpected trouble. Contact us today if you need assistance. 

Can a Motorcycle Insurance Policy Cover Multiple Motorcycles?

At AS Insurance Agency, serving the greater Manchester, NH community, we assist our clients with protecting their motorcycles. Whether you have one motorcycle or ten motorcycles, there’s almost always a way to make sure that all of your motorcycles have the protection they need for you to feel safe to drive them on the wide, open highway. For motorcycle enthusiasts, it can seem convenient and practical to place all your motorcycles on the same motorcycle insurance policy. Although you might see the benefits to this, it’s another thing to consider whether it’s even possible with how motorcycle insurance policies work. 

Even though most policies have terms and limits that are specific to them, we can speak on a broader note about how motorcycle insurance policies typically handle owning multiple motorcycles. Of course, for the best advice for your situation, we always recommend speaking with a qualified insurance agent at our office to get more specialized suggestions and information. We’re always happy to answer questions.

Can a Motorcycle Insurance Policy Cover Multiple Motorcycles?

If you have more than one motorcycle, it’s convenient and helpful to insure them all under one policy. Thankfully, multi-bike policies exist for this reason. Under a multi-bike policy, you can insure more than one motorcycle with terms and limits that are tailored to having multiple motorcycles. If you’re a motorcycle enthusiast, you shouldn’t let worries about insurance limit the number of bikes you have! At our office, we’ll be able to walk you through different policies so you have an idea of what might be ideal for your circumstances. 

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How to care for your motorcycle, and yourself

Motorcycles are amazing machines that can provide a great sense of freedom while riding. However, they also require some basic maintenance to keep them running properly. AS Insurance Agency, serving the Manchester, NH area bikers with their motorcycle insurance coverage, is here to help. 

Here are some tips on how to care for your motorcycle before and after every ride:

1. The first step is to clean your motorcycle before and after every ride. This will help keep it looking nice and running smoothly, while also reducing the risk of rust and other damage to the paint or components.

2. Besides regular cleaning, it’s important to check fluid levels and tire pressure before every ride. This will ensure that your bike is ready for any bumps or turns on the road, helping you stay safe as you ride.

3. When riding your motorcycle, it’s crucial to always wear a helmet for protection in case of an accident or emergency situation. In addition to protecting yourself from injury, wearing a helmet can also reduce the risk of being ticketed by law enforcement for not following safety regulations.

4. In order to stay safe when riding your motorcycle, it’s also important to wear appropriate clothing that provides protection from the weather and other hazards on the road. This might include things like leather jackets, thick gloves, or thick pants and boots.

5. Finally, it is essential to obey all traffic laws when riding your motorcycle to avoid accidents with other vehicles or pedestrians on the road. This includes following speed limits, using turn signals when making turns, and always stopping at stop signs and red lights.

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Motorcycle insurance tips: 5 Ways to ride defensively in Manchester, NH

The roadways can be dangerous. This is especially true for motorcyclists.

Some accidents are unavoidable. However, excessive speeds, unexpected obstacles, and distracted driving bring heightened risk. It’s important to remain aware and vigilant when riding.

At AS Insurance Agency in Manchester, NH, your safety is our top priority. Our agency can provide a personalized motorcycle insurance policy. But our experts also want to share these five defensive driving tips for any motorcycle rider.

Gear Up

Safety gear may not be "cool," but it is essential. Protect yourself with a helmet, eyewear, and gloves. Long pants, sleeves or jackets, and boots are also encouraged.

Stand Out

Motorcycles are already difficult for other drivers to see. Maximize your visibility with bright-colored clothing. When riding at night, use headlights and be ready to use your horn just in case.

Leave space

Another way to be more visible is to leave space between you and other motorists. Avoid other vehicles’ blind spots. Also, don’t tailgate too closely. As you ride, think about an escape route, if needed. As a general rule, less-congested roadways present fewer issues. Find a less-traveled route to ride.

Pass safely

Improper overtaking is one of the leading causes of accidents. Be extra careful when passing. Watch for braking or changing lanes ahead of you. Never pass on curves or blind corners.

Improve skills

Practice makes perfect. Riding regularly is still one of the best ways to gain experience and get more comfortable. If you’re new to riding, consider a safety or training course.

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Motorcycle Insurance Coverage Options

If you have purchased a motorcycle and are enjoying the feeling of freedom it brings to you when you ride it, you will want to protect it and the best way to do that is through a motorcycle insurance policy. The agents at the AS Insurance Agency in Manchester, NH understand the importance of motorcycle insurance and the coverage options that are available.

Motorcycle Insurance Requirements

In the state of New Hampshire, at least a liability insurance policy is mandatory for all drivers, including motorcyclists. A liability insurance policy will cover any damages or injuries that you may cause in an accident but there are other options available also.

Underinsured or Uninsured Coverage

An underinsured or uninsured motorcycle insurance policy is important in case you were ever involved in a crash that is the fault of a driver that has no insurance or does not have enough coverage to pay for your medical bills and damages to your bike.

Comprehensive Motorcycle Insurance

If you owe money for your motorcycle because you borrowed it from a bank or other lender, you are more than likely required to have a comprehensive motorcycle insurance policy in place. It is important to have regardless if you owe on it or not since it will cover any damages to your bike if inactive vandalism occurs or fire or natural disaster. This type of coverage will also help pay to replace your bike if it is stolen.

Collision Motorcycle Insurance

Collision motorcycle insurance coverage will assist you in paying for any damages to your bike if you collide with another vehicle or with a stationary object. It will also help you pay for any damages to the object that you collide with.

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Do I need to have motorcycle insurance?

As a new auto owner in Manchester, NH, you might always be conflicted about whether you need to have motorcycle insurance. You may not be willing to have this policy because it has some financial implications on your income. However, AS Insurance Agency indicates that, despite motorcycle insurance not being a state requirement, it is necessary because it will help you in the following ways. 

Covering General Vehicle Repairs

If your motorcycle breaks down, covering repair expenses can sometimes be very costly, which means you have to dig deep to get some replacement parts and auto shop services. However, with motorcycle insurance, all the repairs can easily be covered without paying a single dollar, which is a clear indication of why this coverage is something you should endeavor to have. 

Covering Bodily Injuries

Accidents are likely to happen at any given time regardless of your driving skills or driving experience. If your motorcycle is involved in an accident that leads to bodily injuries, you will easily struggle to cater for out-of-pocket medical expenses, income replacement expenses, and the associated legal fees. However, you will be watching everything at a distance as your insurance provider handles everything with insurance. 

Covering Possible Property Damages

Another important area that your motorcycle insurance will help is covering the possible property damages that you will experience when involved in an accident. You can easily damage other vehicles while on the road or be involved in destroying other structures. Auto insurance covers all the property damages and therefore helps you avoid out-of-pocket expenses, some of which might be too high to meet.

Do You Need Motor Vehicle Insurance?

Motorcycle insurance is not a legal requirement by the state government in Manchester, NH. However, as you can tell, it’s necessary to have it. You cannot move around without an insurance cover to cater to the factors discussed above. AS Insurance Agency is ready to help you get a new insurance policy for your motorcycle.