Three common mistakes consumers make when they buy flood insurance

Flood insurance is important for protecting your home in Manchester, NH. At AS Insurance Agency, we’re here to answer all your questions about getting flood insurance for your property. 

The following are three common mistakes to avoid when they buy flood insurance.

Failing to purchase enough flood insurance coverage for the full cost of rebuilding your home

You’ll typically be offered either coverage for your home’s market value or coverage that offers you enough funds to completely rebuild your home.

It’s important to insure your home for the cost to rebuild since a home’s market value can fluctuate over time. You don’t want to be left without adequate funds to rebuild your home if it becomes destroyed in a severe flood. 

Only getting a quote from one flood insurance provider

It’s always important to get quotes from numerous flood insurance providers before choosing a policy. With multiple quotes, you can compare your options and then choose the best one. 

Purchasing a flood insurance policy without fully understanding what it covers

There are certain types of damages that just about all flood insurance policies provide coverage for. These include damage to your plumbing system, carpeting, foundation, HVAC equipment, and appliances.

However, there are other types of damage that your flood insurance will not cover. It’s important to know which damages are covered and which aren’t before you buy a policy.

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Making the right choices when you buy flood insurance gives you peace of mind and protects your property. Get in touch with us at AS Insurance Agency if you need a quote on a policy. We are here to provide flood insurance to consumers living in the greater Manchester, NH region.