What Fresh Grads Should Know About Workers Comp Insurance

Embarking on your career is an exciting adventure, but you’ll have a lot of responsibility on your plate. Those responsibilities won’t end when you check out of work either. You’ll likely have bills to pay, such as rent, health insurance premiums, and more. New grads should check to see if their employer offers workers comp insurance, and they should also check for plans from insurance providers. Contact AS Insurance Agency, serving Manchester, NH and beyond, to learn more about workers comp policies.

Workers comp policies will often provide payments to make up for lost income if you are out of work. Of course, you should read every policy closely to see what is and is not covered.

The Benefits of Workers Comp for New Graduates

Unfortunately, many things could derail your career. This is as true for fresh graduates as it is for experienced hands. You might suffer a slip and fall at work that leaves you recovering in bed for weeks on end. You may need to undergo surgeries, which in turn typically have recovery times that keep you from work. Sadly, some people will contract serious diseases, like cancer, that will require ongoing treatment and that may keep them from working.

In these cases, workers’ comp may help families and individuals make up for lost income. It’s important to read every workers’ comp plan to see what is and is not covered. However, you can find plans that will provide coverage for income lost due to workplace injuries and serious natural diseases like cancer.

The workers’ compensation policies offered by employers typically focus on injuries and conditions contracted at work. Workers comp policies offered by third parties, meanwhile, can often be used to mitigate injuries and diseases contracted outside of work.

Which policies are right for you?

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