Differences Between Term Life and Whole Life Insurance

When you are considering which type of life insurance you want to get, you will need to choose between term life and whole life insurance policies. There are a few key differences between these two kinds of policies. You may find that one is better for your needs than the other. If you are in need of life insurance, give us a call today at AS Insurance Agency in Manchester, NH.

Term Life vs Whole Life: What You Need To Know About Life Insurance

Time Periods

Term life insurance has a major difference from whole life insurance policies. Term life is good for only a specific amount of time. It is set up for a specific number of years, and after that, the policy will expire. This isn’t the case with whole life policies. They stay in effect for the rest of your life as long as you keep on making the payments for the policy. When a term life policy expires, you have to apply for a new life insurance policy. With whole life, there is no expiration date, and you can keep the policy indefinitely. With a whole life policy, even the insurance company can’t cancel the policy if you are continuing to pay for it. 

Cash Value

Another big difference is that whole life policies eventually build up a cash value. Policyholders can borrow against this amount if they should need to. Term life policies don’t have this. However, term life policies are less expensive than whole life policies. Because whole life policies continue into your old age, the cost of the premiums is higher. However, many people appreciate that the cash value is there if they should ever need to borrow it. 

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Do College Students Really Need Renter’s Insurance?

Renter’s insurance may feel like a new idea, but the truth is that you may want to consider having it. Even though you may feel like a poor college student, you may want to consider getting insurance for the following reasons,  AS Insurance Agency in Manchester, NH provides this guide in navigating this important coverage.

Renter’s Insurance For College Students

You are going to have electronics, which can be quite expensive to replace. 

College students often have at least one laptop, along with other electronics. They may have a Kindle or other reader instead of carrying around textbooks. Many have expensive phones, air buds, and other things that they need to have a good life. 

Some even have a lot of gaming equipment, which can really add up. 

Those that play video games often have more than one laptop. They may have expensive keyboards, controllers, headphones, and more. Some have more than one gaming system! 

You may have an expensive wardrobe. 

Many teenagers have quite a wardrobe, which they take with them to college. They may buy some of the best pieces when they have some extra money to burn. 

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If you are a college student, you may have more possessions than you realize. You may have a laptop and other electronics, along with some gaming systems. You probably also won’t leave your extensive collection of clothes at home either! All of this can add up quickly, making it important to have renter’s insurance. If not, you may have to pay to replace all of these items, which is probably out of your price range! 

If you want to make sure that your possessions are protected, you need to make sure that you have enough coverage. In order to make sure, contact us today at AS Insurance Agency in Manchester, NH.

What Coverage Does Worker’s Compensation Insurance Need To Have?

Worker’s compensation insurance is an insurance policy that protects an employer’s liability for injuries and accidents that happen to the employees in the workplace. Employers need to have worker’s compensation coverage to protect themselves from accidents that occur in the workplace.

The type of accidents covered by worker’s compensation insurance includes injuries that happen during the ordinary course of employment. It is essential to have this coverage in place, not only for the security of your business assets but because it is required by New Hampshire law.

Business owners in Manchester, NH must have worker’s compensation for full and part-time employees AS Insurance Agency has the details on what coverage is mandatory below.

Worker’s Compensation Required Coverage

A valid worker’s compensation policy will cover any employee whose injury occurs in the course and scope of their employment and results in medical bills or lost wages. Insurance will cover the total cost of medical bills. It will also cover 60% of the employee’s lost wages.

Workers Who Are Covered

All employees are covered, regardless of who is at fault. This includes documented or not full-time, part-time, temporary, and immigrant workers.

Exemptions From The Worker’s Comp Law

Sole Proprietors or self-employed people are not mandated to have worker’s comp but are allowed to elect to have it. Those who work under a General Contractor may be required to have it per the GC’s will.

Limited Liability Companies (LLC) do not need worker’s comp if there are less than three executive positions with no other employees. This also applies to corporations and Professional Associations.

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Benefits of an Umbrella Policy in Manchester, NH

No one wants to use insurance, but they’re grateful to have it when they need it. And that’s why an umbrella policy is essential, especially in Manchester, NH. Here are three reasons you should have this coverage with your homeowner’s policy:

Extra Protection Against Liabilities

In a perfect world, we’d never need to worry about being sued. But accidents happen, and sometimes people get injured or damage their property. If you’re held liable for any of these things, an umbrella policy can provide extra protection beyond what your homeowner’s policy covers.

Provide Coverage for Recreational Activities on Your Property

Do you have a trampoline or pool in your backyard? If so, you’re at a higher risk of being sued if someone gets injured while using them. And your homeowner’s policy likely won’t provide coverage if that happens. An umbrella policy can help protect you in these situations.

An AS Insurance Agency representative can help you determine if an umbrella policy in Manchester, NH is right for you and explain how it can help protect your home and family.

Extra Coverage for Belongings

Your homeowner’s insurance policy may already cover your belongings, but there are limits to what it will payout. An umbrella policy can provide additional coverage for things like jewelry, art, and collectibles. It can also cover any damages that occur off your property, like if your child damages someone else’s home.

Safeguard Your Future With an Umbrella Policy

An umbrella policy from AS Insurance Agency can provide you with the peace of mind that you and your family are protected in the event of an accident or natural disaster. Contact us today to learn more.

Motorcycle insurance tips: 5 Ways to ride defensively in Manchester, NH

The roadways can be dangerous. This is especially true for motorcyclists.

Some accidents are unavoidable. However, excessive speeds, unexpected obstacles, and distracted driving bring heightened risk. It’s important to remain aware and vigilant when riding.

At AS Insurance Agency in Manchester, NH, your safety is our top priority. Our agency can provide a personalized motorcycle insurance policy. But our experts also want to share these five defensive driving tips for any motorcycle rider.

Gear Up

Safety gear may not be "cool," but it is essential. Protect yourself with a helmet, eyewear, and gloves. Long pants, sleeves or jackets, and boots are also encouraged.

Stand Out

Motorcycles are already difficult for other drivers to see. Maximize your visibility with bright-colored clothing. When riding at night, use headlights and be ready to use your horn just in case.

Leave space

Another way to be more visible is to leave space between you and other motorists. Avoid other vehicles’ blind spots. Also, don’t tailgate too closely. As you ride, think about an escape route, if needed. As a general rule, less-congested roadways present fewer issues. Find a less-traveled route to ride.

Pass safely

Improper overtaking is one of the leading causes of accidents. Be extra careful when passing. Watch for braking or changing lanes ahead of you. Never pass on curves or blind corners.

Improve skills

Practice makes perfect. Riding regularly is still one of the best ways to gain experience and get more comfortable. If you’re new to riding, consider a safety or training course.

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If an accident does happen, you’ll want to make sure you’re covered. Serving Manchester, NH, AS Insurance Agency can create a motorcycle insurance policy that keeps you safe, protected and grants you some peace of mind on the roadways. Schedule an appointment today.

Flood Insurance Variables To Consider

AS Insurance Agency is an independent agency. We work with multiple carriers across the East Coast. We are committed to helping Manchester, NH residents find the coverage they need to protect their assets. We offer a wide variety of policies to match the unique needs of our clients. We are confident that we can help you find the coverage you need to navigate life’s risks.

Flood Insurance Variables To Consider

Flood insurance is something that may not be on your radar, but it definitely an asset to consider. As inclement weather moves through the Manchester, NH area, the likelihood of severe floods increases. Severe flooding has the ability to damage the structure of your property and your personal items. Consider the benefits of flood insurance.  Flood insurance covers your property if it is damaged by a flood. The policy is an asset even if you don’t stay in a flood zone.

Remember that flood insurance only covers damage caused by severe weather moving into the area. The flooding should impact other areas as well in your neighborhood as well. If your property is damaged due to a drainage backup, you are not covered through flood insurance. You can add extra coverage to protect your assets. You should be aware, though, that flood insurance does not cover any damage to your swimming pool or patio. You can amend your auto insurance policy to cover you if your vehicle suffers flood damage. If the flooding is severe, you can add alternative living coverage, which allows you to stay somewhere else temporarily until your home is repaired.

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Important Details Regarding Condo Insurance Policies

AS Insurance Agency is an independent agency. We help Manchester, NH residents find the coverage they need to protect their assets. We offer flexible policies so that our clients are covered in any situation. Working with multiple carriers in the region allows us to adapt to the daily challenges that people face on a regular basis. Providing excellent customer service is a priority.

Important Details Regarding Condo Insurance Policies

If you are staying in a Manchester, NH condo, look over your policy carefully. Condo insurance generally any damage to your personal items. You are also covered if your possessions are vandalized or stolen. It’s recommended that you take inventory once you move into the condo. This can help the process run smoothly if something happens to your possessions. If you have any luxury items inside the condo, you’ll need to amend your policy in order to fully cover those items if something happens to them.

You aren’t responsible for the exterior of the unit; however, condo insurance will protect you if any interior damage happens to the unit.  The policy covers any damage to the walls or flooring. If you plan to make any upgrades to the unit, be sure to amend your policy similarly to your luxury possessions. Liability coverage is a significant part of your policy as well. Perhaps you plan to invite some friends and family over to your condo for a fun party. Liability coverage protects you if one of your guests gets injured at the party. You’re also covered if you accidentally damage your neighbor’s unit. Perhaps you’re having a plumbing issue that leaks over into your neighbor’s unit or an accidental fire spreads.

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Motorcycle Insurance Coverage Options

If you have purchased a motorcycle and are enjoying the feeling of freedom it brings to you when you ride it, you will want to protect it and the best way to do that is through a motorcycle insurance policy. The agents at the AS Insurance Agency in Manchester, NH understand the importance of motorcycle insurance and the coverage options that are available.

Motorcycle Insurance Requirements

In the state of New Hampshire, at least a liability insurance policy is mandatory for all drivers, including motorcyclists. A liability insurance policy will cover any damages or injuries that you may cause in an accident but there are other options available also.

Underinsured or Uninsured Coverage

An underinsured or uninsured motorcycle insurance policy is important in case you were ever involved in a crash that is the fault of a driver that has no insurance or does not have enough coverage to pay for your medical bills and damages to your bike.

Comprehensive Motorcycle Insurance

If you owe money for your motorcycle because you borrowed it from a bank or other lender, you are more than likely required to have a comprehensive motorcycle insurance policy in place. It is important to have regardless if you owe on it or not since it will cover any damages to your bike if inactive vandalism occurs or fire or natural disaster. This type of coverage will also help pay to replace your bike if it is stolen.

Collision Motorcycle Insurance

Collision motorcycle insurance coverage will assist you in paying for any damages to your bike if you collide with another vehicle or with a stationary object. It will also help you pay for any damages to the object that you collide with.

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How Umbrella Insurance Works After a Car Accident in New Hampshire

When you drive on New Hampshire roads, you expose yourself to a number of potential liabilities every time. That is why the minimum requirements for New Hampshire auto insurance include liability coverages.

However, sometimes, the costs of a crash for which you are at fault can be higher than the liability limits on your auto insurance policy. At AS Insurance Agency, we help Manchester, NH residents have the insurance bundles they need so that they are covered when these life crises happen.

Umbrella insurance can help you in this situation. Learn more about how that works here.

What is Umbrella Insurance?

Umbrella insurance is a kind of insurance policy that functions like an umbrella for liabilities. You are covered with it when a serious problem happens for which you are being blamed. 

This is liability insurance with higher limits than traditional liability policies. You might see an umbrella insurance policy limit of one million. When you have a liability in life, you can typically claim it on your umbrella insurance policy.

How Does Umbrella Insurance Work With Car Accidents?

When you have been in a car accident for which you are at fault, your New Hampshire auto insurance policy will cover the liability damages. If the costs of your car crash are higher than the limits on your policy, you can make a claim on your umbrella insurance to cover the rest of the costs.

Car accidents are just one example of the many liabilities that umbrella insurance can cover. Having umbrella insurance will protect you from financial losses when life happens.

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Umbrella insurance is an affordable solution to these worries in life. At AS Insurance Agency, we can help Manchester, NH drivers get the coverage they need for every potential liability through umbrella insurance. Call us and get a quote today.

Does Flood Insurance Typically Covered Damage from a Mudslide?

Flood Insurance and Mudslides

Mud and landslides affect many people and cause billions of dollars in damage. While these disasters are not as common as floods, the devastation they cause to homes and property can be equally damaging. Some types of mudslides may be covered by standard flood insurance depending on factors. However, many instances of this event are not covered by typical flood insurance and additional policies may be needed for full coverage. Cases where the mud and river water mix and how the slide enters your home have an impact on coverage. Many incidents are considered "earth movement" and will not be covered.

The professional agents at AS Insurance Agency of Manchester, NH have years of experience helping individuals get the best quality flood insurance possible. We can help you understand the ins and outs of your policy so you can get the most from it.

Staying Protected During a Disaster

Special types of insurance, including landslide insurance, must be purchased to stay protected during a disaster. Other ways to protect your home include designing a landscape to help mitigate mudslides. Certain cases, such as being near a recent forest fire that loosens soil potentially causing a landslide, might be covered. It is important to understand different insurance coverage and how it affects your home and possessions during disasters. A skilled insurance agent will be able to help you understand the details of your policy.

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