Three common mistakes consumers make when they buy flood insurance

Flood insurance is important for protecting your home in Manchester, NH. At AS Insurance Agency, we’re here to answer all your questions about getting flood insurance for your property. 

The following are three common mistakes to avoid when they buy flood insurance.

Failing to purchase enough flood insurance coverage for the full cost of rebuilding your home

You’ll typically be offered either coverage for your home’s market value or coverage that offers you enough funds to completely rebuild your home.

It’s important to insure your home for the cost to rebuild since a home’s market value can fluctuate over time. You don’t want to be left without adequate funds to rebuild your home if it becomes destroyed in a severe flood. 

Only getting a quote from one flood insurance provider

It’s always important to get quotes from numerous flood insurance providers before choosing a policy. With multiple quotes, you can compare your options and then choose the best one. 

Purchasing a flood insurance policy without fully understanding what it covers

There are certain types of damages that just about all flood insurance policies provide coverage for. These include damage to your plumbing system, carpeting, foundation, HVAC equipment, and appliances.

However, there are other types of damage that your flood insurance will not cover. It’s important to know which damages are covered and which aren’t before you buy a policy.

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Making the right choices when you buy flood insurance gives you peace of mind and protects your property. Get in touch with us at AS Insurance Agency if you need a quote on a policy. We are here to provide flood insurance to consumers living in the greater Manchester, NH region. 

What Does Condo Insurance Cover in New Hampshire?

Owning a condo can be a great housing option if you are in the Manchester, NH area. When you are looking to buy a condo, you need to get the right insurance for it too. A quality insurance plan in this area of New Hampshire offers various forms of coverage and support that can make it a great investment. 

Why Condo Insurance?


One of the forms of coverage that you will receive with a condo plan is protection for your dwelling. Your condo is a major asset that you will want to ensure is protected. If you have condo coverage, it will provide support if you incur losses due to a fire, vandalism, or other situation that requires repairs or replacement. 

Personal Assets

You also can receive coverage for any personal assets that you keep in the condo. Your personal assets can include furniture, kitchenware, electronics, and other items. Having coverage will ensure you have support to replace these assets if you incur a loss. If you have valuables, such as jewelry or expensive art, you can get additional riders to your policy. 

Liability Coverage

With a condo plan, you will also get liability insurance. If there is an accident in your condo, you could be held liable for damages. Fortunately, you are able to mitigate this risk if you invest in a condo insurance plan. This insurance will provide liability support, which is helpful in some difficult situations. 

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If you are in the Manchester, NH area, it would be a good idea to get condo insurance. When you are looking for this coverage, you can call the team with the AS Insurance Agency. The AS Insurance Agency will evaluate your options and requirements to help you build an ideal policy that will give you the coverage you want. 

How to care for your motorcycle, and yourself

Motorcycles are amazing machines that can provide a great sense of freedom while riding. However, they also require some basic maintenance to keep them running properly. AS Insurance Agency, serving the Manchester, NH area bikers with their motorcycle insurance coverage, is here to help. 

Here are some tips on how to care for your motorcycle before and after every ride:

1. The first step is to clean your motorcycle before and after every ride. This will help keep it looking nice and running smoothly, while also reducing the risk of rust and other damage to the paint or components.

2. Besides regular cleaning, it’s important to check fluid levels and tire pressure before every ride. This will ensure that your bike is ready for any bumps or turns on the road, helping you stay safe as you ride.

3. When riding your motorcycle, it’s crucial to always wear a helmet for protection in case of an accident or emergency situation. In addition to protecting yourself from injury, wearing a helmet can also reduce the risk of being ticketed by law enforcement for not following safety regulations.

4. In order to stay safe when riding your motorcycle, it’s also important to wear appropriate clothing that provides protection from the weather and other hazards on the road. This might include things like leather jackets, thick gloves, or thick pants and boots.

5. Finally, it is essential to obey all traffic laws when riding your motorcycle to avoid accidents with other vehicles or pedestrians on the road. This includes following speed limits, using turn signals when making turns, and always stopping at stop signs and red lights.

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For more motorcycle safety tips, call AS Insurance Agency today. We proudly serve the Manchester, NH area.

Umbrella Insurance Provides an Extra Layer of Protection

Perhaps you have reached a point in your life where you feel somewhat secure financially. But what if there was a car accident for which you were at fault? Or if a guest visiting your home slipped and fell on the sidewalk? Let the agents at AS Insurance Agency, who serve the Manchester, NH area, explain how umbrella insurance can help.

Why Umbrella Insurance?

Personal umbrella insurance provides protection for you and your family when you have exceeded liability limits on your homeowner’s or automobile policies. An umbrella policy allows you the flexibility to choose a liability limit that will best protect your assets up to $5 million.

You have worked hard for the wealth you have accumulated for yourself and your family. You could reach the million-dollar mark by retirement age. But what about people who have lost everything in lawsuits and had to begin again?

Don’t worry. Protect yourself and your financial assets.

Purchase umbrella insurance. It provides coverage for large claims or lawsuits that are not covered by auto or homeowners insurance policies.

Your homeowners and auto insurance policies provide coverage for damage to your home and car. They also provide personal liability protection if someone is hurt on your property or if someone is injured in an accident that you caused. That coverage has limits, however. For example, if you are sued, the policies may cover up to $100,000 in damages. But if you have a higher net worth, those limits could disappear very quickly.

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Umbrella insurance takes over where your other policies leave off. It is personal liability coverage that protects you and your family from lawsuits or large claims when the limits of your other policies have been exhausted.

Protect your financial future with umbrella insurance. Contact the AS Insurance Agency in Manchester, NH today for a free quote. You will be glad you did.

Who needs to have a flood insurance plan?

Owning a home in the Manchester, NH area has continued to be a great form of housing and investment. If you do purchase a home in this part of New Hampshire, having the right insurance for it should always be a top priority. One type of coverage that people here will need to consider getting is flood insurance.

There are situations when a property owner will need this additional coverage:

When Trying to Protect Investments and Assets

One situation when you will want to have a flood plan is when you are looking to protect your investment and assets. If you own a home, it will take a lot of money to purchase and maintain. If your home is affected by a flood, the cost to remediate this can be significant. Since your base property insurance may not provide any flood coverage, having an additional flood plan could be a necessity to ensure support. 

Insurance is Required

There are other situations when you may be required to carry flood insurance. If your home is located in a designated flood zone, a mortgage lender will require extra insurance to ensure their collateral is protected. When you have a flood insurance plan, it will ensure that you have this coverage and are in good standing with lender insurance requirements. 

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When you are going to purchase a home in the Manchester, NH area, you will want to know that you are getting the right insurance for it. If you are evaluating your flood insurance needs, calling the AS Insurance Agency can be a great option. The insurance professionals with AS Insurance Agency will fully understand this complex type of coverage and they will offer the support you need to determine if it is right for your situation. 

How Does Condo Insurance Differ From Home Insurance?

If you have purchased a condo, or you are planning on purchasing a condo, you may be looking into purchasing home insurance for that condo. You will quickly find that home insurance for condos does not exist, and instead, you will need to purchase condo insurance, an insurance product specifically designed for condo owners. Here at AS Insurance Agency, serving the greater Manchester, NH region, we are often asked what the difference between home insurance and condo insurance is. 

Differences Between Condo Insurance and Home Insurance

The biggest difference between home insurance and condo insurance is the exterior of the building. When you own a home, you are responsible for all of the building, including the exterior of the home. This is not the case with a condo. When you buy a condo, you only need to insure the space in your unit. As such, things like the exterior of the condo building, roof, and common areas are not included in condo insurance, whereas they are included with home insurance. 

Similarities Between Condo Insurance and Home Insurance  

Aside from the exterior of the building, home insurance, and condo insurance are very common. Your belongings are insured under both policies, damage caused by unexpected events is covered under both policies, and lenders require you to purchase the right policy type if you have a loan out for the property. 

If you are in the process of buying a condo or have recently closed on a condo, you may be looking to purchase condo insurance. Here at AS Insurance Agency in Manchester, NH, we can help you get the insurance you need. Reach out to us today to obtain an estimate for condo insurance or to purchase a new policy. 

How to Choose the Right Health Insurance Coverage For Your Employees

Like most business owners, you want to ensure your employees have the best health insurance coverage. But with so many options, it’s tough to know where to start. Consult with AS Insurance Agency in Manchester, NH for expert insurance advice.

Here are a few things to keep in mind as you shop for health insurance for your employees:

1. Know Your Employees’ Needs

Before shopping for health insurance, it’s essential to take a step back and consider your employees’ needs. What kind of coverage do they need? What are their budget constraints? Answering these questions will help you find your employees’ right health insurance plan. Create a confidential survey or ask your employees directly to get a sense of their needs.

2. Shop Around

There’s no one-size-fits-all regarding health insurance, so shopping around and comparing different plans is essential. Consider both the premium and the deductible when comparing plans. This process is timely, so start early.

If you don’t have the time or patience to contact different providers, work with an independent insurance company. AS Insurance Agency can help you find the best health insurance for your employees without all the hassle. An independent insurance company works with multiple providers, giving you more options.

3. Review Your Plan Regularly

Health insurance plans and needs can change over time, so reviewing your coverage every year is essential. This can ensure your employees are still getting the best coverage. Laws and situations can change, so you must be proactive about keeping up with your health insurance plan.

4. Check Your Options

Did you know that some health insurance providers offer discounts to businesses? If you’re not sure, it doesn’t hurt to ask. Many times, all you need to do is meet certain criteria, such as having a certain number of employees.

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Differences Between Term Life and Whole Life Insurance

When you are considering which type of life insurance you want to get, you will need to choose between term life and whole life insurance policies. There are a few key differences between these two kinds of policies. You may find that one is better for your needs than the other. If you are in need of life insurance, give us a call today at AS Insurance Agency in Manchester, NH.

Term Life vs Whole Life: What You Need To Know About Life Insurance

Time Periods

Term life insurance has a major difference from whole life insurance policies. Term life is good for only a specific amount of time. It is set up for a specific number of years, and after that, the policy will expire. This isn’t the case with whole life policies. They stay in effect for the rest of your life as long as you keep on making the payments for the policy. When a term life policy expires, you have to apply for a new life insurance policy. With whole life, there is no expiration date, and you can keep the policy indefinitely. With a whole life policy, even the insurance company can’t cancel the policy if you are continuing to pay for it. 

Cash Value

Another big difference is that whole life policies eventually build up a cash value. Policyholders can borrow against this amount if they should need to. Term life policies don’t have this. However, term life policies are less expensive than whole life policies. Because whole life policies continue into your old age, the cost of the premiums is higher. However, many people appreciate that the cash value is there if they should ever need to borrow it. 

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Do College Students Really Need Renter’s Insurance?

Renter’s insurance may feel like a new idea, but the truth is that you may want to consider having it. Even though you may feel like a poor college student, you may want to consider getting insurance for the following reasons,  AS Insurance Agency in Manchester, NH provides this guide in navigating this important coverage.

Renter’s Insurance For College Students

You are going to have electronics, which can be quite expensive to replace. 

College students often have at least one laptop, along with other electronics. They may have a Kindle or other reader instead of carrying around textbooks. Many have expensive phones, air buds, and other things that they need to have a good life. 

Some even have a lot of gaming equipment, which can really add up. 

Those that play video games often have more than one laptop. They may have expensive keyboards, controllers, headphones, and more. Some have more than one gaming system! 

You may have an expensive wardrobe. 

Many teenagers have quite a wardrobe, which they take with them to college. They may buy some of the best pieces when they have some extra money to burn. 

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If you are a college student, you may have more possessions than you realize. You may have a laptop and other electronics, along with some gaming systems. You probably also won’t leave your extensive collection of clothes at home either! All of this can add up quickly, making it important to have renter’s insurance. If not, you may have to pay to replace all of these items, which is probably out of your price range! 

If you want to make sure that your possessions are protected, you need to make sure that you have enough coverage. In order to make sure, contact us today at AS Insurance Agency in Manchester, NH.

What Coverage Does Worker’s Compensation Insurance Need To Have?

Worker’s compensation insurance is an insurance policy that protects an employer’s liability for injuries and accidents that happen to the employees in the workplace. Employers need to have worker’s compensation coverage to protect themselves from accidents that occur in the workplace.

The type of accidents covered by worker’s compensation insurance includes injuries that happen during the ordinary course of employment. It is essential to have this coverage in place, not only for the security of your business assets but because it is required by New Hampshire law.

Business owners in Manchester, NH must have worker’s compensation for full and part-time employees AS Insurance Agency has the details on what coverage is mandatory below.

Worker’s Compensation Required Coverage

A valid worker’s compensation policy will cover any employee whose injury occurs in the course and scope of their employment and results in medical bills or lost wages. Insurance will cover the total cost of medical bills. It will also cover 60% of the employee’s lost wages.

Workers Who Are Covered

All employees are covered, regardless of who is at fault. This includes documented or not full-time, part-time, temporary, and immigrant workers.

Exemptions From The Worker’s Comp Law

Sole Proprietors or self-employed people are not mandated to have worker’s comp but are allowed to elect to have it. Those who work under a General Contractor may be required to have it per the GC’s will.

Limited Liability Companies (LLC) do not need worker’s comp if there are less than three executive positions with no other employees. This also applies to corporations and Professional Associations.

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