How to Get Auto Insurance

Getting car insurance is a fairly easy process to start with. First, you’ll need your driver’s license. Once you have that, then that’s where it might start to get complicated. You’ll need to research different auto insurance coverage that would be best for you. You can do it over the phone, online, or with an independent insurance agent.

Phone and Online Quotes

You’ve seen plenty of advertisements that offer over-the-phone or online quotes. Sometimes it’s a combination of the two. Just type your information into a company’s website. You’ll give your name, address, phone, email, and the make and model of your vehicle. Some may ask for your driver’s license number. Once the company has compiled your info, you’ll either receive a phone call or an email with a quote. It’s fast and convenient, but the downside to this method is that you only receive one quote at a time. If you’d like to get multiple quotes at once, you might want to try independent insurance agents.

Independent Insurance Agents

With an independent insurance agent, like AS Insurance Agency in Manchester, NH, you’ll have options. Independent agents don’t work for one insurance company. They have the ability to give you the best options for what you’re looking for. If you’re new to the process, you’ll want several quotes from different sources. Independent agents can guide you through the process and provide you with an insurance package that is tailormade to fit your needs.

The independent agents in Manchester, NH at AS Insurance Agency can offer you various auto insurance coverage options. They can also provide you with more than just auto insurance information. For example, if you also bought a home or started a business, they’ll be able to offer options for home and commercial insurance.

Understanding the Commercial Insurance Needs of Your Small Business

As a small business owner, it’s up to you to decide what kind of business insurance you need. The right insurance coverage from AS Insurance Agency can help keep your Manchester, NH business running, even through difficult times. Here are a few tips for getting the coverage that your small business needs.

Assess Your Risks

Every company faces risks of some kind or another. Before purchasing commercial coverage, you need to assess those risks to ensure you’re protected against them. Is your business prone to theft or at risk of disaster damage due to its location? Do you own valuable equipment critical to business operations? Do you have employees that need protection from accidents on the job? The answers to these questions and others can help determine what kind of coverage you need to protect your business from loss.

BOP Policies   

Commercial policies in Manchester, NH offer numerous coverage options to suit your company’s needs. For many small businesses in New Hampshire, a basic business owner’s policy (BOP) offering property, general liability, and business interruption coverage will suffice.  

  • Property insurance protects your building, equipment, and products against theft and damage.  
  • General liability insurance protects you against accidents customers may have on your business site by paying for their medical costs. If you’re sued for damages, liability insurance protects your business assets by covering legal costs.
  • Business interruption compensates you for lost revenue, payroll, and other expenses if your company is forced to close due to disaster damage. This coverage can help keep your business afloat until you can reopen your doors.    

Additional Coverage

If your business needs more protection, you can always add extra coverage to your BOP policy to obtain the protection you need. This includes commercial auto, worker’s comp, and more.  

To learn more about commercial insurance options and costs, contact AS Insurance Agency.

5 Facts Every Homeowner Should Know about Home Insurance

There’s no better way to protect your Manchester, NH home than with home insurance. If your home is damaged in a storm or any of your valuables stolen, home insurance can help compensate you for your loss. Home insurance from AS Insurance Agency will also protect you against a lawsuit if someone has an accident on your property. Here are some important facts you should know about home coverage.

  • Home dwelling insurance covers damage to your home structure. Most policies protect you against common perils like wind and rainstorms, hurricanes, tornadoes, fire, and other disasters. Ideally, you should obtain enough dwelling protection to rebuild your home if it’s demolished in a disaster.
  • Home property insurance safeguards your belongings. This includes furniture, appliances, electronics, clothing, and other personal items. Standard policies have limits on the coverage they provide. If you own high-end goods, talk to your AS Insurance agent about extra insurance protection to cover the value of these items.   
  • Property insurance gives you a choice of actual cash value (ACV) coverage or replacement cost coverage. ACV coverage compensates you for the cost of stolen or damaged goods after subtracting a percentage for depreciation. Replacement cost coverage helps replace your goods at current market costs.  
  • Home liability insurance pays for the medical expenses of people who have accidents on your property. This may range from cuts and bruises to broken bones to concussions from falling down the stairs. If a significant accident leads to a lawsuit, liability insurance helps cover your legal costs.
  • Home insurance covers theft, vandalism, and many types of disasters. It doesn’t, however, cover flood damage. To protect your Manchester, NH home and goods from flooding, you’ll need to purchase a separate flood insurance policy.

For more information about home coverage and costs, contact AS Insurance Agency today.