Motorcycle insurance tips: 5 Ways to ride defensively in Manchester, NH

The roadways can be dangerous. This is especially true for motorcyclists.

Some accidents are unavoidable. However, excessive speeds, unexpected obstacles, and distracted driving bring heightened risk. It’s important to remain aware and vigilant when riding.

At AS Insurance Agency in Manchester, NH, your safety is our top priority. Our agency can provide a personalized motorcycle insurance policy. But our experts also want to share these five defensive driving tips for any motorcycle rider.

Gear Up

Safety gear may not be "cool," but it is essential. Protect yourself with a helmet, eyewear, and gloves. Long pants, sleeves or jackets, and boots are also encouraged.

Stand Out

Motorcycles are already difficult for other drivers to see. Maximize your visibility with bright-colored clothing. When riding at night, use headlights and be ready to use your horn just in case.

Leave space

Another way to be more visible is to leave space between you and other motorists. Avoid other vehicles’ blind spots. Also, don’t tailgate too closely. As you ride, think about an escape route, if needed. As a general rule, less-congested roadways present fewer issues. Find a less-traveled route to ride.

Pass safely

Improper overtaking is one of the leading causes of accidents. Be extra careful when passing. Watch for braking or changing lanes ahead of you. Never pass on curves or blind corners.

Improve skills

Practice makes perfect. Riding regularly is still one of the best ways to gain experience and get more comfortable. If you’re new to riding, consider a safety or training course.

Contact AS Insurance Agency

If an accident does happen, you’ll want to make sure you’re covered. Serving Manchester, NH, AS Insurance Agency can create a motorcycle insurance policy that keeps you safe, protected and grants you some peace of mind on the roadways. Schedule an appointment today.